Wenn ich mal kein Occhi mache

Hin und wieder braucht man Abwechslung und neue Herausforderungen.
Meine stand fest, als ich eine Nähmaschine geschenkt bekam und keine Ahnung von der Bedienung hatte. Ich habe also einen Kurs belegt.
Jeder sollte sein eigenes Projekt mitbringen. Meines seht ihr hier:
Ein Stoffbuch für eine meiner britischen Nichten zu Weihnachten.

'Buttons are delightful doodads,'
Says a fishwife who reviews shads.
'They will last through any new fads,'
States a pair of kangaroo lads
To their neighbor, Marilou Gladds. 

Adds famed button expert Clay Kee: 

'If you snub them when you wakey,
Then you’re making a mistakey,
Coming to eat breakfast nakey!'

There are two sides to a zipper,
Each side full of little teeth – 
As you pull the slider upward,
They’re connecting underneath!

These small teeth are not for chewing
(That your own teeth do with ease) – 
These teeth keep you warm and toasty,
Even in a frosty breeze!

Let’s unwrap! The word 'snap':
It can be a beatnik clap,
Or a fish biting a scrap,
Or some sudden colder weather that requires a shoulder wrap,
Or a cookie made of ginger that can break in a mishap,
Or an angry little yap,
A quick photo of a chap,
Or a task so that is so easy it’s like taking a short nap! 

Old MacDonald had a farm (E-I-E-I-O!)
And on his farm he worked quite hard (E-I-E-I-O!)
He herded his sheep, and he milked his cows,
Tended chickens, walked his dog,
Every night went for a jog!

Old MacDonald one fine day (E-I-E-I-O!)
Didn’t buckle his overalls all the way (E-I-E-I-O!)
How his animals laughed when his pants fell down
Cows said MOO-ha! Pigs said OINK-ha!
And his doggie barked a WOOF-WOOF-ha-ha! 



They sent a new dress to the Duchess of Veldt,
A dress that was loose and too baggy, she felt.
To make it fit better and make her seem svelte,
The shrewd Duchess cinched up her waist with a belt! 

A man and his dog were out walking one day
Through a field of dry grass that looked kind of like hay.
Then later he petted his doggie’s soft fur
Where a grass seed was stuck, a seed known as a burr.
He looked at the seed – it was covered in hooks
That held tight to the dog hair’s looped crannies and nooks.
Inspired, he made hook and loop strips to use
As buckles (called Velcro) for everyone’s shoes. 



The silky curls and swirls in Lara’s hair
Are golden sunlight, bright and never brown
When loose, they gleam in ribbons in midair,
Twisting themselves into a shiny crown
Of knots and tangles that a comb despair;
It’s better in the wind to clip them down.

Inspiriert wurde ich von einem sehr ähnlichen Stoffbuch. Witzigerweise trug das Kind denselben Namen, wie meine Nichte. Nur bei der Haarfarbe musste ich ein bisschen umdichten.
Zum Buch 'Close your Clothes' von Anna Wulick geht es hier.
Ich hoffe euch gefällt mein Erstlingswerk!

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